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Group Assignment #2 – Liss 3353 – Crowdsourcing.

  1. Define Crowd-sourcing in your own words.
    • Crowdsourcing is outsourcing tasks to a group of people, both online or offline, and the crowd is an undefined public body versus a specified group of individuals. (“Crowdsourcing,” 2011)
  2. Three examples of how crowdsourcing has been used
  3. Assume you’ve been hired by a local Tallahassee business to use crowdsourcing to help them get more customers, increase sales, etc.
    • Identify a type of business
      • Fast food.
    • Provide a business name.
      • McDonald’s
    • List and explain three ways crowdsourcing can assist them.
      • Twitter
        • With an account, a general idea of what people are saying about the company, various trends, what people complain about, what people like. It’s a wonderfully awesome, live, way to see what people are saying and to mine some bit of data about people.
      • Company Suggestion Sites
        • Similar to Starbucks, allows people to send in ideas and suggestions, online and in a low key format. This gives a unique way for those who are actually patronizing the store to give feedback and suggestions. Being online, those who offer up suggestions could be rewarded with a free soft drink to incite people.
      • Facebook
        • Form a Facebook page, give those that ‘like’ that page an incentive, then you can see who exactly is ‘liking’ and patronizing the restaurant. Additionally, with questionnaires on Facebook, direct feedback on proposed ideas can be had at an extremely low cost and easily.
  4. Assume I’ve been hired by FSU to use crowdsourcing to help them improve student services, student experiences on campus, student life in general, etc.


Crowdsourcing. (2011, March 09). Retrieved from


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